Old Fashioned Contest

Congrats to our winner, Tim Schmock!

Tim creating his Korbel Brandy Cre-Old Fashioned.

Participating Bartenders

  • Curt Gnatzig
  • Cocktail: Raspberry Sour Old Fashioned

  • Ken Boll
  • Cocktail: Barrel Aged Old Fashioned

  • Heather Young
  • Cocktail: Vintage Autumn Old Fashioned

  • Jessica Schumacher
  • Cocktail: Fashionably Spiced Old Fashioned

  • John Peterson
  • Cocktail: Bloody Knuckles Old Fashioned

  • Ryan Shea
  • Cocktail: Bogging For Apples Old Fashioned

  • Tim Schmock
  • Cocktail: Cre-Old Fashioned


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