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Our Artisan Distillery

With over 120 years of expertise, Korbel has created a collection of exquisite California brandies that have warmth and refined character with a rich golden color and hint of amber. These premium California brandies have been masterfully crafted and slow barrel-aged for a smooth finish that is pure indulgence.

Experts agree. Two-time gold medal winner and winner of the Critics Award, Korbel California brandy is unique. Meticulously hand-selected, 100% California grapes, small batch artisan distilling, handcrafted oak barrel aging and skillful blending and bottling make Korbel California brandy distinct. Korbel’s expertise and quest for perfection are the reason why it is the only major U.S. brandy maker that still maintains total control over the production process.

What is Brandy?

It takes years to craft the perfect brandy. For over a century, Korbel has been artistically aged to be the best expression of a true California brandy.

Brandy is one of the most indulgent and versatile brown spirits because of its unique flavor profiles. Easily mixed in some of the most innovative and contemporary cocktails, enjoyed straight-up or on the rocks, every drop of Korbel California brandy is designed to indulge your senses.

Korbel brandy is an 80 proof spirit that is distilled from premium Californian grapes and slow barrel-aged for many years until our master distiller determines it has achieved its rich aroma and desired smoothness.

The origin of brandy is a mystery, though historic evidence suggests it may date back to ancient Babylon. Brandy as we know it, evolved in Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries. The name brandy originated from the Dutch word Brandewijn, which means “burnt wine” and refers to the heat needed for distillation.

What’s the Difference Between Brandy and Cognac?

All cognac is brandy, but not all brandy can be Korbel.

Where cognac is traditionally spicier and a bit harsher, Korbel Brandy focuses on the fruit. Its California style gives it more freedom to be well balanced and much “smoother” than cognac.

All cognacs (and armagnacs) are in fact brandy. The difference being that Cognac is a brandy that is produced only in the Cognac region of France while armagnac is produced in the Armagnac region of Gascony.

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