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Korbel Brandy Celebrates 125 Years

When Francis Korbel made his first lot of brandy in 1889, he established the blueprint for Korbel Brandy – premium grapes, meticulous distillation in a copper-lined still, slow aging in hand-coopered oak barrels and careful blending. Much has changed since that first Korbel Brandy was produced 125 years ago, but Korbel Brandy continues the tradition of excellence Francis started. Unique among United States brandy producers, Korbel Brandy controls every element in its brandy production – from grape to bottle – to assure consistently superb quality and smooth character.

As Korbel Brandy celebrates the 125th anniversary of its founding, the company’s award-winning brandies deserve full credit for its enduring success. The Korbel Brandy portfolio includes four truly distinctive brandies – rich, flavorful Korbel California Brandy; complex, sumptuous Korbel V.S.O.P. Gold Reserve; sophisticated, exceptionally smooth Korbel 12; and Korbel XS, which blends Madagascar vanilla, natural orange essence, spices and pure cane sugar for a one-of-a-kind taste.

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Winner’s List

  • David Birmingham from California
  • Demetria Payton from Texas
  • Donna Flury from New Jersey
  • Frank Martorana from New York
  • Darryl Hickman from Wisconsin
  • Catherine Meagher from Texas
  • Randall Sly from Florida
  • Alicia Brown from Washington
  • Pam Howell from Virginia
  • Pat Marlow from Illinois
  • John Franko from Indiana
  • Rolf Grell from Colorado
  • Jen Escutin from Virginia
  • Jamie Hamilton from Pennsylvania
  • Tim Manley from Florida
  • Alyssa Bustos from Colorado
  • Anne Milkie from Wisconsin
  • Isis Balbuena from Florida
  • Melody Sutton from Alabama
  • Jennifer Conejo from California
  • Ronnie Stroud from Kentucky
  • Michael Kamrud from South Dakota
  • Merlin Williams from Kansas
  • Stephanie Stewart from Florida
  • Dexter Myers from New York
  • Greg Elsass from Oklahoma
  • Anthony Browski from Michigan
  • Sheryl Dohr from Wisconsin
  • Kathi Taylor from Pennsylvania
  • Lisa Ball from Alabama
  • Irene Lirette from Louisiana
  • Mike Rogers from Missouri
  • Irene Poole from North Carolina
  • Randall Irwin from Ohio
  • Wallace Gouladdle from Oklahoma
  • Damien Crawley from Pennsylvania
  • Carol LuBien from California
  • Philomena Pleva from Michigan
  • Donald Kratt from Florida
  • Renee Knight from Nevada
  • Yusuke Mitsuyasu from Illinois
  • Klea Vogelushja from Tennessee
  • Luella Miller from Michigan
  • Christina Lopez from California
  • Lindsey Green from Alabama

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